I never quite understood why Mr. Delmas wanted to see Yumi in his office in ‘Image Problem’.”

I feel as though Xana’s originality of attacks went on a downward spiral when season 3 came. The missile in season 4 was pretty much the only original attack from the last two seasons. Spectres aren’t all that dangerous as the show is letting on.”

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I had a dream a few nights ago about Jeremy’s Lyoko form. It was entirely support based; he could restore ally life points, reload Odd’s laser arrows, as well as perform basic functions of the supercomputer without actually having to be there. That would be so cool!”

I never understood why when Aelita was in trouble that the other Lyoko warriors always had to fight and finish the other monsters. Why couldn’t they just run from the monsters and go help Aelita?”

"The ice and forest sectors were my favorite and I never understood why they cut them from evolution.”

Jim got less strict with the students including the group and Mr. Delmas got more strict with the students including the group. This is why I hate season 4. There were so many permanent character changes they could have done with other people (HINT HINT: Sissi), but the creators thought that a fair gym teacher and a firm principle would have been more realistic?! It’s just a cartoon!”

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There’s usually a lesson the group learns in the series, and I thought it was pretty cool when I was younger. I like every lesson, except for the one in ”New Order.” I was always confused when Aelita says “Oh thank you, Jeremie, I feel safer now that I have a phone!” It was Jeremie the whole time who was worried! This episode would have been better if they moved on to high school and had to deal with that (you know, being away from the Factory). The Hermitage having the shortcut could still work.”

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I just love how anyone can enjoy Code Lyoko, even adults. For example, last night, I was looking at reviews for the show’s dvds online and I read a review mentioning that the reviewers are grandparents and are excited to get the seasons of the show. They say the show is not mind numbing like other television shows their grand kids watch today. I was surprised!”

I’m really disappointed that wearing a skirt over jeans isn’t trendy! The fashion in seasons 1-3 was totally my thing, especially Sissi’s party outfit in Teddygozilla.”

When I start to doodle, either digitally or on paper, I always end up drawing Aelita. It just keeps happening.”

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This may seem crazy, but I’ve always wanted to buy the rights to Code Lyoko and make episodes based off of CL fans ideas. That’s why I’m going to school to do animation and possible make this happen to the Code Lyoko legacy can still live on.”

Aelita’s outfit is the only thing that makes up for her suddenly harsh personality in Evolution.”

"I think Ulrich sort of looks like Eren Jaeger from Attack On Titan."

The Scyphozoa is so much scarier in dreams.”

Not a confession. Just wanted to say I LOVE what you did with the page. Very beautiful and refreshing. Keep up the great work!

Oh gosh thank you so much! >///< I’m so glad people like it, and I’ll be sure to improve it if I can at all! :) (Thinking about changing the little side icon once in a while to different renders??) BUT THANK YOU <3

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